Catherine Cornelia Sant: Clayton Shaw Park Swim Team

Catherine Cornelia Sant lives on Daufuskie Island, not quite three miles offshore of South Carolina in the Atlantic Ocean. She is the mother of three children, and calls herself a swimming parent for her involvement with the Clayton Shaw Park Swim Team, a Saint Louis area swimming team.

Catherine Cornelia Sant is a past Meet Director for the Clayton Shaw Park Swim Team Summer Invitational, a three day swim meet during which more than a thousand swimmers took part the year she was at its helm. In addition to all those swimmers, Catherine Cornelia Sant oversaw a staff of eighty-five officials, and is proud to think back on her involvement and say, “We made money!”

Catherine Cornelia Sant

Catherine Cornelia Sant

Catherine Cornelia Sant has also committed herself to emergency relief. She is the sort of person who is unable to stand idly by when she knows there are those who are suffering, and who she could help. Catherine Cornelia Sant was directly responsible for raising both awareness and funds for the charity organization Shelterbox, which provides emergency relief to families suffering in the aftermath of natural disasters such as tornadoes or earthquakes. Through her efforts, Shelterbox was able to provide more than 17,600 of its Shelterboxes to families around the world in 2011. The Shelterboxes contain a family tent, a water purification kit, cooking supplies, a stove, and other lifesaving supplies.

Because of her selfless efforts on behalf of those in need, Catherine Cornelia Sant was recognized by President Barack Obama with the Presidential Volunteer Service Award.


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